Launched in 2018, SPAZZUK was designed by a collective, known as Molok, who are not afraid to play with fashion and its symbols. Driven by inclusivity, committed to collaboration, and passionate about experimentation.
The collection is unisex and sizes range from 2XS to 4XL.
The production process of the Spazzuk line is Made in Italy.
It is from our land that we take tradition and professionalism.
We work closely with the artisans who produce our garments, paying attention to all stages of production from cutting to printing.
Producing in a "virgin" area - the Abruzzo and Molise National Park - we are particularly sensitive to the quality of the fabrics that must meet high standards: eco-friendly, organic and vegan-friendly.
The printing technique that Spazzuk uses is zero environmental impact and free of toxic substances.
The passion for the world of art and for street art has
inspired this new Chiamuk STREET Art Capsule project. A limited edition line of t-shirts and sweatshirts with
prints created by international street artists.

Spazzuk sustainability, Made in Italy and a vision to the future through a  crossover of cultures of metropolitan origin coming in particular from the world of street art .