Spazzuk Brand Ambassador: a community of influencers

Welcome to the 'Spazzuk Brand Ambassador' program


Join our community of Brand Ambassadors and share your Brushuk vision. Express your personality and, using the expressive languages that best represent you, do what you do best: post on your website or social media.

Our ambition is to help you create inspiring fashion content and strengthen the relationship between you and the brand.

It's simple: sign up for free, create content using our data feed, banners and links ... And best of all: earn commissions every time your visitors buy from

Thanks to you, your visitors will have the opportunity to purchase high quality Made in Italy clothing and accessories, which are characterized by values of sustainability and gender equality.


 Benefits of the 'Brand Ambassador Spazzuk' Affiliate Program

• Earn 10% commission on all your sales

• 30 days tracking cookie

• Access to promotions and a wide variety of text links

• Partnership campaign opportunities


• 24/7 support

• Payment every 7 days via Paypal

Benefits for your visitors

• 5% discount on all your promotions

• 30 days for the return

• 24/7 support via chat and email

• Certified products

• Free shipping over 50 euros (free for newsletter subscribers)

• Secure payments via PCI / SSL (credit cards, Paypal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay)

The information on the site and the data feeds are available in Italian and in the following currencies: €.

What are you waiting for? Sign up directly for our program here.