The fashion sector is certainly not sustainable. Producing new things fast is not a sustainable practice. However, Spazzuk tries to play his part by focusing on sustainability. This is our vision, from the very beginning, our mission has been to produce contemporary and quality garments according to criteria of responsibility and ethics, respecting the planet and its inhabitants.


Our partners allow us to guarantee high quality products with the supply chain certified by various independent bodies and standards, to build healthy environmental practices and greater respect for the planet, in every single phase.

Organic cotton, unlike traditional cotton, is grown without resorting to insecticides, fertilizers or chemical pesticides. This prevents toxic or dangerous substances from being incorporated into the soil, adjacent rivers or lakes and into our body. 



Every year around the world a production of textile waste is estimated at 92 million tons, over 4 million of which end up in landfills all over Europe. Why not transform some of this waste into new products?

The use of recycled cotton already saves valuable resources compared to virgin organic cotton. And compared to conventional virgin cotton, the savings are even greater: every kilo of recycled yarn corresponds to a saving of 20,000 liters of water, 200 grams of pesticides and fertilizers, 2.7 grams of dyes and chemicals, as well as reduced consumption of energy and CO2 emissions.

Some of our t-shirts are made from 50% recycled organic cotton from our cutting scraps and 50% undyed virgin organic cotton, these GRS certified models are our most sustainable garments.

Spazzuk sustainability and contemporaneity!